Hello there! 3D & VFX have been my passion since I discovered a copy of Blender on a PC magazine’s disk about 10 years ago. During my apprenticeship as an audiovisual media designer, I gained extensive knowledge in crafting images in the real world which complements my skills in the digital world. I’m currently studying Animation & Game @h_da where I fell in love with an awesome little program called Houdini. During my time at RISE | Visual Effects Studios as a Houdini FX Intern/Freelancer I was able to improve my skills by learning from talented artists while working on big projects. I like creating procedural setups, solving 3d related problems as well as learning something new every day.



Abitur (A-Level Degree)

2014 - 2017

Audiovisual Media Designer (Apprenticeship)

2019.04 - 2019.10

Houdini FX Intern/Freelancer @ RISE | Visual Effects Studios

2017 - 2021

Animation & Game B.A. @ h_da



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