I’m proud to present my most recent Houdini FX Showreel!

0:03 – Oil Platform: learning about ocean tools and Nuke Compositing inspired by Andreas Giesen (personal project)
0:14 – Flag: learning new Vellum Solver, mixing different constraints (personal project)
0:17 – Campfire: learning new Pyro sourcing, shading, volume advection and custom velocities (personal project)
0:21 – Forest Soul (fire): applying learned techniques to short film project „Forest Soul“, shading/rendering in Redshift
0:29 – No 67: creating blood for short film „No 67“ using POP fluids
0:42 – Rock Tool: creating vdb based rock tool to create procedural game-ready rock assets for UE4 Mars VR project
0:53 – Forest Soul (souls): creating „souls“ with custom velocity fields for volume and volume advected particles
1:06 – The Last Hours: 2nd semester team project: Director, Tech Artist (spaceship interior modeling, rendering, compositing, lighting, VFX), Cinematography. FX: creating stylized FLIP Fluid
1:12 – Telegram Notifier: creating Telegram Notifier that sends rendered images as well as information like Scene info and render times using Python and Telegram Bot API

No Shelf Tools were harmed – because learning 😉

Big thanks to Olivier Orand for allowing me to use his awesome music!
Check out his work on Spotify! :

Music Credits: Olivier Orand
Album: Human | Live Nuit Hypnotique #4
Tracks: Forgotten Ritual, Benares

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